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IAFAF Raffle for Mother's Day

Updated: May 16, 2023

Thank you for all your great support!

Special thanks to Leona Green the super kind owner of Greens & Beans for their kind donation, to our amazing colleague Alison Duncan for donating 25% of profits at the Queens Park Garage Sale, Justina the manager of Bosley's Ironwood in Richmond and big supporter of our IAFAF Projects, Erin the Owner of Gino's Restaurant, to our awesome friend Yvonne Chin who donated the jewelry, Simone of BARE Organic Products, Karmen of KCC Services, Katrina the owner of The Zesty Lemon, and to all who bought tickets to support our IAFAF projects in Kenya and Guatemala.

You guys are amazing!

You girls rock!


The IAFAF Team :)

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