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Mother Nature is telling us to stop our viral species from creating negative impact on our planet

Mother Nature has sent us a message to stop our viral and malign species from creating all negative impact on earth. Humans need to stop making babies, as we are already too many billions more than our humble planet can sustain.

These children in the future will not have enough food, drinkable water and most likely be witness to our sixth massive extinction. If you care for your descendants future, WE ALL HAVE TO CHANGE YOUR DESTRUCTIVE, MATERIALISTIC AND VANE LIFE STYLES.

Recycle, compost, stop using plastic, stop buying food that will end up wasted, stop cutting down trees and destroying habitats of millions of living beings, stop the senseless trophy hunting of endangered animal species for greed and narcissistic vanity, keep only basic flights to maintain our skies clear, stop the abusive and cruel farm factories, stop the trade of wild animals for their meat, products, derivatives and to exploit them as pets or entertainment.

We have to stop the senseless and wasteful exploitation of our oceans.

We have to stop mining, fracking, polluting with millions of industry the air, land and water... We have to stop in order to deserve to live in our beautiful planet, before Mother Nature decides to exterminate us for good as the pest that we are, to allow her to return and bloom again with the rest of living beings that share our planet, and have the right to live in peace.

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