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Our Projects:

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Project: Bolivia

IAFAF is accepting donation of vet surgical equipment, to bring to the confiscated wildlife Center AFASI.

AFASI (1).png

Project: Kenya

IAFAF is supporting the Mara Loita volunteer rangers, making period pouches to donate to about 500 school girls in remote villages. The Body Shop in Metrotown is supporting this project. 

Kenya wix.png

Project: Peru

IAFAF is accepting donations of waterproof jackets for street dogs and cats in Cusco and surrounding areas to improve their life conditions.

dogs peru (6).png

Project: Guatemala

We are supporting cat and dog shelters, by taking donations of supplements, vitamins, carriers, toys, etc.  As well making bookmarks to get funds to raise funds to feed the strays.

dogs gua (2).png

Project: Mexico

We rescue cats, feed and provide shelter and vet care for street animals, as well rescue wild animals in need. 


dogs Mex.png
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