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AFASI confiscated Wildlife Center

Street Dogs Jacket Project

Feeding, providing medical care, sterilizing street cats and dogs

How to Volunteer

We are looking for serious, enthusiastic, responsible and reliable volunteers  that can help us with our ongoing projects.


We are an all volunteer NGO, so we don't have funds for paid work opportunities and we rely only in donations of materials or money to do our work abroad. 

If you want to volunteer, please tell us the following in a brief manner:

1) Your full name, address, city, state/province, country. email and phone number

2) What qualifications and skills can you bring to our NGO?

3) What languages do you speak or read?

4) Tell us about your work and what you do, and past jobs

5) Why do you would like to become a volunteer with IAFAF?

6) Do you have any experience volunteering for an animal welfare 

     NGO or other type of NGO? YES or NO. Explain.

7) Please, tell us in only a paragraph more relevant information about you

8) Send us the contact information of 2 references, who they are (NGO's, companies, school), and since when they know you.

No more than 300 words

Please, send that information to: intaid4animals@gmail.com

P.O. Box 16021

617 Belmont Street

New Westminster BC V3M6W6 Canada


When sending a parcel or mail please DO NOT SEND IT VIA COURIER. Thank you!

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