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We are a Registered Charity animal welfare NGO created to help animals in need abroad


Our current projects are to help wild and street animals in Mexico, Guatemala, Peru and in Kenya help rangers and school children.

IAFAF is a small charity and all volunteer. 


IAFAF was created in 2020, as a way to help animals (street and endangered wild animals), to improve their living conditions and quality of life. It was during the pandemic that we noticed the constant struggle of the people caring for these animals in Latin America and Kenya. Therefore, we expanded our support to help them too.


Our IAFAF team of volunteers in Canada are animal welfare and conservation experts who have many years of experience in saving and helping street animals, and caring for rescued wild animals from the illegal exotic pet trade.

Our mission, with the aid of our international partners, is to help both animals and people by providing medical first aid kits,, food, tools, and veterinary care and to improve the lives of street cats and dogs.


Our educational programs have been designed to build knowledge and to foster awareness for the children, youth, and adults living near these animals.


IAFAF educational projects emphasize the importance of co-existing, respecting, protecting, and conserving wild animals and their habitat, as well as reducing human waste, which directly affects the natural habitats of these animals and endangers their lives every day. Our IAFAF educational programs include topics such as: recycling, composting, reforestation, and learning how to reuse recyclables to benefit communities economically.


Wild animals struggle to survive every day due to the negative impacts of human activities that affect their lives.


Poaching, illegal trafficking, exotic pet trade, deforestation, loss of habitat, destruction, blocking of their migratory routes, urbanization, roads, pollution, human-wildlife conflicts, climate change, and many more, bring devastating consequences for all wildlife and  nature, every single day worldwide.

The rangers of MLCR in Kenya need support to do their amazing job. Let's give them a hand by donating gadgets that they can use, including solar lights, drones and more!

Our mission with our projects is to help mitigate the negative human impact that plagues wild animals through education. We seek to amplify alternative, innovative, and less harmful ways of being with nature.

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