We are a new registered animal welfare NGO created to help animals in need abroad. 


Our current ongoing projects are to help wild or street

animals in Bolivia, Mexico and Peru.


Our team of animal welfare people, has many years of experience in the field of saving and helping street animals as well rescuing wild animals confiscated from private homes.

Our mission is not only to help these animals in need by providing the, medical equipment, medications, food and veterinarian care, but also to educate the children and youth around these animals, about the importance to respect, protect and conserve wild animals and their habitat, but also to reduce the human waste, which directly affects the natural habitats of these animals and endanger their lives every day. Our programs include: recycling, compost, reforestation and to learn how to re-use recyclables to benefit their communities.


Wild animals struggle to survive due to all the human activity that affects their lives negatively everyday.


Poaching, illegal traffic, exotic pet trade, deforestation, loss of habitat, destruction and blocking of their migratory routes, urbanization, roads, pollution, human-wildlife conflicts, climate change consequences, so on, are some of the multiple negative facts affecting wildlife every day worldwide. 

Our mission is to help mitigate such negative human impact and challenges affecting wild animals, by educating and providing innovative alternative less harming and invasive ways on our nature

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