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There are many ways how you 
can support our work abroad

Donate materials + supplies

We are looking for individuals or for companies to donate the following items:

- walkie talkies for long range with rechargers or for batteries

- Drones for rangers in Kenya

- portable led solar lights

- anti flea collars for cats and dogs

- first aid kits for schools and rangers

- used or new CLEAN cat & dog sweaters or jackets

- WATERPROOF breathable light vinyl for raincoats or from second hand working gear

- neon color long safety stickers

- new or second hand fleece / polar fleece baby blankets for cats /dogs 

new cosmetic pouches (for our period pouches project in Kenya)


- Anti flea treatments & Bravecto

- Vitamins


- Specialized treats for cats and dogs (e.g. urinary tract, sensitive stomach, digestive, senior, immune system, so on).

- Special medication for cat Feline Leukemia, Aids & Cancer

- Special medication for dog cancer

- Special medication to improve cat / dog immune system

- Newborn kitten / puppy powder formula

- Cat / dog toys (For dogs rubber or strong plastic toys, not too heavy)

- Used (CLEAN) or new dog /cat jackets and sweaters & not bulky blankets

- Light plastic bowls

Donate your
art work or crafts

Colorful nice artwork and crafts, are very appreciated for our fundraisers,

to help the causes which we support

- jewelry items

- wood masks and S/M size sculptures

- small animal figures

- origami wild animals (or cards with origami animals)

- innovative art creations

- embroidery, painted  or printed ethnic textiles

- NEW colorful quilts

- any valuable item

You can help our projects in multiple ways with a donation here:

Support us
with gift cards

Other donations we need

- gift cards for stores, Visa gift cards, gift cards from Amazon, supermarkets ad restaurants for raffles and fundraiser

- gift cards and visa gift cards from stores and Amazon to buy things which are needed for our projects abroad

- airmiles for use with airlines

- redeem your points or buy at The Body Shop in Metrotown to get  small shower gels and soaps for school girls in Kenya (Period pouches Project). You can donate on our IAFAF Kenya Project basket there

Interested? Contact us at:

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