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We already had our first delivery in Guatemala!

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The great support that IAFAF
has received for this project :


Thank you, Bosley's Ironwood!


IAFAF is very grateful to Bosley's Ironwood in Richmond, for their great support providing us with donations, to help street and shelter dogs and cats in Mexico and Guatemala.


Thank you so much Justina and all your wonderful staff, for your great support!


The IAFAF Team


Guatemala street animal project

Guatemala is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, but it also has a lot of poverty.

Dogs are the most neglected animal there, especially in small towns or around the cities. Puppies since few weeks old are found starving. The conditions of these dogs are shocking. 

Thankfully, there are some great animal organizations there helping feed, rescue and provide vet care and a roof to some of the thousands of abandoned, neglected and starving animals in and around Antigua. 

Among those unsung heroes are Yolanda and her dog and cat rescue. The shelter is extremely basic, made out of wood trunks and empty dog food sacks, but the dogs have a loving roof over their head. She struggles to get food for her almost 200 rescued dogs + cats. AWARE is a shelter for dogs and few cats in the jungle. They also need help with their almost 400 rescued dogs.


PATITAS and PAAWS in Antigua also do an amazing job, rescuing cats and dogs. They transform these sick strays into healthy and happy rescued and they spoil them a lot! PAAWS and PATITAS also support Yolanda and AWARE shelters by providing them food once a month. These two societies are constantly feeding street any animals starving and try to help them and get them a better life.

For this reason, IAFAF although we are currently struggling economically, jumped at the idea of supporting their big labor of love.

IAFAF is sending in November the equivalent to two full large suitcases of donated items, mostly with supplements and special food for different needs, vitamins, sweaters, a crate and carriers with one of our Canadian IAFAF volunteers.

Also, our super star volunteers are currently making 100 bookmarks to raise some funds at their future CATFE, to buy more food to continue to feed and take care of more street dogs and cats.


The global price increases have severely impacted Guatemala, and the amount of food that these societies can purchase, as the prices have gone ballistic at almost twice this year.

Please, support IAFAF project in Guatemala, to help feed and help many more animals in urgent need.


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All the food fed to these dogs/cats on these pictures was kindly donated by PAAWS/PATITAS

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