Street Dog/Cat Waterproof

Jacket Project


This IAFAF Project consist of providing donated waterproof jackets to the

 thousands of street dogs and also cats, which roam the colonial Andean 

city of Cusco, Peru. Cusco is located at 3,400 m (11,200 ft).

It is heartbreaking to see the street dogs there, which suffer due to the

freezing, humid and windy conditions of this Andean city. They sleep on

the rocky street floor and lack any shelter.  It is common to see them

shivering since morning due to the extreme cold. During the night the

cold is unbearable. The local vendors and people feed them with scraps. 


For this reason we created this project to improve their lives.

IAFAF is excited to have a new partnership in Cusco, Peru with the 

Allqo Llaqta Rescue  Centre to deliver by our own IAFAF Canadian volunteers,

the donated waterproof jackets for the street dogs and cats in Cusco and

 surrounding Andean areas, alongside  their free spay/neuter, vaccine and

 their veterinary care campaigns.

Our original plans were to deliver the waterproof jackets for the street

  animals with World Vets in Peru, but these plans changed with the pandemic,

 but  kindly their lider in Peru (now our liaison), got us in contact with ALRC.




Contact us to give you details in how to make these jackets.


If you are in Peru, Mexico , Canada, US or elsewhere we can make

the jackets arrive to the street cats and dogs in need.

We are taking donations of used or new dog jackets, waterproof jackets,

rain coats for dogs and cat/dog sweaters. As well we are taking donations

of light vinyl of good quality, neon stickers for human workers and more.

Contact us at: intaid4animals@gmail.com

IAFAF poster dog print friendly2 (1).png

Help us to make waterproof jackets for the

street dogs and cats in Cusco, Peru


Pictures Copyright Dr. Steve Kruzeniski World Vets

SMALLTHANK YOU TISOL for your kind donat

August 12, 2020

Thank you so much to our

great sponsors at Tisol, for their fantastic donations of dog jackets, sweaters and other products, to be distributed to

the people who feeds the

street cats and dogs in

Cusco, Peru.

September 20, 2020