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Thousands of street cats and dogs roam the neighborhoods all over the city of Merida.


Ignorance and poverty are the main cause for hundreds of unwanted litters every year, which causes neglection and abuse to cats in this colonial city in the Yucatan Peninsula.

For this reason, IAFAF has an ongoing and active "Street Cats of Mexico Program" in Merida, Yucatan, which we manage and coordinate from Canada with one IAFAF volunteer residing there.


What are we doing there?

Over 30 street cats are getting fed and provided fresh water every day, taken to the vet for sterilizations and vaccines anti flea treatment, deworming, getting regular vet care and  treatment. Our IAFAF volunteer does her best to find permanent homes for the rescued street cats, but that is not an easy task. She has found permanent and loving homes for more than 26 former street cats.

People need to understand that these street cats deserve as much love, care and respect as any fancy breed of cats, but they provide something more: eternal gratitude and a devoted friendship to their people. For this reason, our volunteer and her group "Patitas Unidas", are teaching people not to buy animals from puppy/kitten mills, vendors on the street or stores, but Instead, to rescue from the street or adopt cats (and dogs) from reliable registered  animal shelters. 

The welfare of the street animals is not a priority in Mexico, which is unfortunately very common in that country. Hence, providing awareness and education about the responsibilities and costs of having a pet are part of our IAFAF educative program in Merida.

Our IAFAF volunteer and her group also feeds stray dogs, provides them with regular vet care, sterilizations and looks for good homes for them.

As well we help injured or sick opossums, birds and reptiles that our volunteer and her group rescue there.

We rely on your kind donations to continue with this project there.

Please, consider to donate to our Street Cat Project in Yucatan

Street cats of Merida,Mexico

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Permanent loving homes for our rescued cats in Canada and Mexico
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