Millions of street cats and dogs roam the cities and towns of Mexico.

Ignorance and poverty are the cause of thousands of unwanted litters every year.

Sadly, we can’t save them all, but our volunteers there are doing all what they can to rescue, provide proper vet care, sterilize, feed and trying to find good responsible people and homes for these animals, where they will not be let out to roam the streets, but kept indoors at all times.

As well, people must understand that mutts are as important as any expensive pedigree animal. Strays animals need much love and care as any fancy breed, but they provide something more: eternal gratitude and devoted friendship to their people. For this reason, we are teaching people not to buy animals from puppy mills, vendors on the street or stores. Instead, it is necessary to adopt only from reliable registered shelters, where the rescuers priority is to help the animals in need, not the money they get or themselves. There are some organizations that rescue cats and dogs there, but the welfare of the animals is not their priority, which is unfortunately very common in Mexico.

This is quite common in Latin American countries, hence providing awareness and education about these problems are part of our program there.

Our team also feeds stray dogs, provides them vet care, sterilizations and looks for good homes for them, which is not easy. 

We rely on your kind donations to continue with this project there.

Please, consider to donate to this ongoing project in Yucatan! 

Street cats of Mexico

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