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      Our ongoing programs are:

  • To feed, sterilize and rescue street cats and dogs in Mexico. Also IAFAF supports TEYELIZ, A.C. to tackle wildlife crime in Mexico.

  • To provide the street dogs in Cusco, Peru with warm waterproof jackets, to help them endure the frigid temperatures of the Andean city, in an effort to improve their lives. 

  • To help our partners the Mara Loita Community Rangers in Kenya with their educative and conservation efforts, and school girls with feminine pads.

  • Help rescued and street animals in Guatemala.

Education & Conservation

We are supporting the work of the Rangers of Mara Loita, with the great educational and conservation work that they are doing.

As rangers doing an all voluntary work without any of them getting any salaries, they require donations of equipment, from boots to do their patrols to drones.

IAFAF is raising funds to buy 40,000 feminine pads to donate to school girls in Kenya, supported by the MLCR.

Reducing the Wildlife Crime

One of main goals of IAFAF, is to  educate the children and

youth about the problems and consequences of wildlife crime.


Wildlife crime is a huge problem worldwide and the exotic pet trade (in markets, stores and online), affects millions of endangered animals everyday.  


TEYELIZ, A.C, combats the illegal trade of wildlife, support compliance with international wildlife treaties like CITES, including the research and promotion of proposals to include species exploited in the international trade in CITES appendices among other areas to protect endangered parrots and other endangered fauna in Mexico. 

Forest Restoration

Forests are getting destroyed at an unprecedent rate. 

Trees are the lungs of the planet, so it is urgent to teach people about the need to plant new trees for our future generations. 

Where do we work:

Guatemala, Mexico, Peru and Kenya

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