Helping confiscated endangered species

IAFAF is collaborating with AFASI Bolivia to help them with their confiscated wild animals.

Read how to help in TAKE ACTION.


Volunteer opportunities

IAFAF has many ways for you to help animals from home or getting involved abroad. We will have more information about our programs  for volunteers available here.

Adult and Baby Elephant

Conservation Programs

IAFAF has a partnership with Mara Loita Community Rangers in Kenya. Our partnership includes our educative program for children and adults, about conservation and environment.

Lazy Dog

Help the dogs in Cusco, Peru

The street dogs of Cusco , Peru, suffer from the freezing cold at 3.600 meters high, but specially during winter time. For that reason, we are collecting sweaters and waterproof jackets to make their lives better.


Reforestation, composting and recycling programmes

We have educational 

programs to create awareness about the importance of these issues.


 We help animals in need in Latin America, thanks to the kind donations of people like you


We need your help! 

We are looking for a wide array of donations to help us with these projects:


*To support an educational programme for children in East Africa, where the children can learn first hand about the importance of animal conservation, recycling, reforestation.

*We need your support to get  veterinary supplies and medical aid to over 400 confiscated animals in Bolivia.

* We are looking for donations of used dog/cat jackets for the street animals in Cusco, Peru

* Help us to rescue and sterilize street animals in Mexico..


and much more!

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Our Latest


Join us in our quest to get volunteers to make crafts for IAFAF, to raise funds for street animals and confiscated wild animals.


100% profit of these donated art or crafts, will also be used for our upcoming educational and conservation projects

Who we are

We are a group of  devoted veteran and new animal welfare people, who wants to help animals in need abroad.

All our work is volunteer based, so all donations go 100% to the animals in need.


With your help and support we can reach hundreds of animals struggling to improve their lives.