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Earth Day

Today is a day to remember the wonderful planet that we share with thousands of other living beings. The Homo sapiens are not the only animal species, but we are the one on top of the chain, the species destroying, mining, clearcutting the forests, overfishing, fracking, wasting water, polluting, increasing the global warming which results in climate change (with unexpected outbreaks of violent weather, with never seen frequency and strength, where it was hot it has been snowing, and where it had been cold now can have tropical climate. creating havoc and destruction of all other animal species and flora species habitats, territories to mate, migrate and feed. We are killing our Mother Nature, and by doing it we are killing ourselves, at a rate much faster that we would like to admit.

It is up to us, each individual human being to make a difference to our selfish indifference towards all other living creatures and plants sharing this planet, in this chaotic world.

Why bother to look for life in other planets, when we have a possibility to save our own amazing planet? Let's do all we can to make a difference in our devastating and destructive ways to save it TODAY!

Learn about this amazing world and living beings that depend on you to make that difference between their life and dead to their species.

Go to BBC EARTH and discover in their free previews NOW, some of the amazing creatures that we are not even aware of, but that we are killing with our devastating human ways!

Let's save the Earth together, starting now!

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