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First IAFAF donation for Guatemala

Our first IAFAF donation in support of the street cats and dogs, and shelter animals in and around Antigua, Guatemala, were delivered to our Canadian colleague to distribute where it is needed the most.

Most of these items were kindly donated by Bosley's Ironwood in Richmond.

The donation include: Newborn kitten and puppy formulas, specialized food, supplements and vitamins much needed for cats with feline leukemia or AIDS, senior dogs & cats, as well for weak and sick cats and dogs. Also there are anti flea treatments, dehydrated dog food (which is great when on the road, to just add water and be able to feed the malnourished and pretty much starving strays, providing them nutritive food).

There is a large carrier and a cage too. Bosley's also donated a water fountain for the newly open CATFE in one of the cat/dog shelters in Antigua, for the kitties there.

The rest of the items will be delivered to AWARE dog/cat shelter, Yolanda's dog shelter and for PAAWS and PATITAS in Antigua, Guatemala.

These items will be all delivered this month of January, 2022.

IAFAF is very grateful to Bosley's Ironwood for this great donation.

We are looking for more donations for our next delivery of similar items to Guatemala!

Check our Projects section at:

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