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How to participate in our online Raffle & Silent Auction for March 24th

Updated: Mar 19

Sadly many people could not attend our super cool event in North Van, so we decided to extend the raffle and silent auction up to next Sunday 24th at 6 PM (PST).

We need to raise still about $500+ CAD to buy over 40,000 feminine pads for school girls in villages in Mara, Kenya, and several hundreds short to buy basic vet surgery items to sterilize street cats and dogs in Guatemala. It is easy to support our local NW charity to be able to continue our projects abroad. Yes, we will give you a $5.00 off for the amazing Catfe Cat Room of PETPLS in Richmond if you buy a minimum of $15 raffle tickets.


Remember, you can buy the amount of tickets that you wish to purchase in our PAYPAL account at Donate | IAFAF (NOTE: The link for CanadaHelps is ONLY for Donations, if you prefer to donate).

Look at our awesome items for SILENT AUCTION!

ITEM # 1

We are very honored to have our own New West local incredible pet portrait Karryn Ransom donating a wonderful pet portrait for our event!

Starting bid: $50.00

Thank you for your support!

The IAFAF Team

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1 Comment

Gail Beau
Gail Beau
Mar 19

I would like to bid 50.00 on item nbr 3

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