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International Cat Day

International Cat Day takes place on 8 August every year

As cat companions we’re encouraging other cat people to take five minutes a day to play with their cats to improve their physical health and mental wellbeing. Just like dogs need walking every day, cats need daily play to keep them active and happy. Wand toy play provides cats with a safe outlet to perform natural behaviours and has many benefits.

How is International Cat Day celebrated? You can participate in the festivities of International Cat Day by adopting a cat from a shelter, feeding feral cats, or even spoiling the ones in your own home. Anywhere there's a cat, show it some good ol' purring love.

You can also create awareness about being a responsible pet companion, by spaying and neutering, providing vet care, vaccines, food, water and a roof with caring people. Adopting a cat costs lots of money, and can costs a lot if your cat needs special food or gets sick.

Never let your cat go alone on the street. Get a CATIO or make your own. An indoor cat can live up to 22+ years, while a cat left to roam outdoors may live from few days to about 4 years. When adopting a cat (never buy from a breeder who profits from breeding to death of the mother lots of kittens), you have to understand that this is a commitment for life, and must include in your living and last will, who will care for them if you pass away. NEVER get a cat or kitten if you have small kids up to the age of 7. The best age is kids 8 years and over.

If left unattended they can accidentally or by curiosity harm or kill the cat/kitten. Cats are living beings NOT TOYS! Kids have to understand that they have to be responsible to feed and scoop the cat litter, and be responsible and involved with the cat/kitty care.

Why is dangerous to leave cats roam outdoors?

Outdoor cats can be killed, get gravelly hurt or sick by: getting ran over cars or motorbikes, attacked by dogs, coyotes, get bitten by poisonous snakes and in the tropics by poisonous scorpions and spiders. They can also get attacked and rape by other cats, hurt by humans, poisoned, stolen, stolen for use as bait for dog fights, to be cruelly tested with medicines or killed as dissection animals in schools (yes, that still happens in way many countries!), can get hurt in cat fights and get feline leukemia and feline AIDS.

So why risk their lives? Get enough toys and spend quality time with them every day. Even the most feral cat after a couple of days crying, appreciates the security of a safe home with loving human companions.

Spend quality time with your cat. IT IS WORTH IT!

If you cannot have a cat or already have adopted many, please take care of the stray cats, by providing them daily food, clean water, a roof and care when its too hot or too cold. If you can get them to the vet to be checked, desparasite, get vaccines, and get them spayed and neutered to stop the cycle of unwanted kittens, that will only come to the world to suffer.

Written by Ericka Ceballos (author of this blog) with more than 44 years rescuing street and abandoned cats

Source for cats care and tips :

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