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International Dog Day - Human best friend

August 26

Yes, dogs have their own special day!

They have proved over and over that they would do anything for their human friends, even giving their own life. No other domestic animal is so devoted to our species in their own will.

There is so much that we can say about our canine companions and friends, so we chose the great acknowledges from our colleagues the IAPF Rangers in Africa own words:

"International Dog Day honours family dogs and working dogs that work selflessly to save lives, keep us safe and bring comfort. Working dogs put their lives on the line every day - to protect property, for their law enforcement partner, for the disabled, for our freedom and safety by detecting weapons and drugs and, in the case of our canine team here on Ol Pejeta, to protect endangered species. This International Dog Day, join us in celebrating our amazing team of seven dogs who support the armed rangers.".

Days of the Year says this: Dog Day has been created so that all breeds of dogs are celebrated; mixed and pure. The day helps to galvanize the public so that they can recognise the number of dogs that must be rescued on a yearly basis, from pure breed rescuers, rescues, and public shelters. 

The day is all about paying tribute to these incredible animals who work selflessly to bring comfort, keep us safe, and save lives. Every day, these animals put their lives on the line. There are dogs that protect our safety and freedom by detecting drugs and bombs, as well as those that pull victims from wreckages and tragic situations. Plus, we have dogs for the disabled, blind, and law enforcement. From these heroic dogs to our family friends, these dogs hold special places in our lives, and so it is only right that we honor them. 

Consider to rescue or adopt a dog from a shelter. NEVER buy from a puppy mill, store or street vendors. In doing this you contribute to their exploitation and abuse for profit.

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