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Pets and coronavirus

These are difficult and confusing times for all. Staying home in quarantine is a challenge.

But you should not worry about your pets getting the virus and giving it to you and your family. Cats should be kept indoors always, and dogs its OK to take them for short walks outside. Just be sure that you clean their paws before entering your home, as they could grab the virus on the ground, so that its a prevention to take.

If a cat its let to wander out, it could be in contact with a cat or dog from an infected person

which could be carried inside your home on their fur and paws. This and been a responsible

pet companion are the reasons why cats should never be let alone to roam freely.

If you are sick with the coronavirus, take the same precautions with them as you would with

another human family member.

Take this time of confinement to play with your pets. They will certainly appreciate it.

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