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Thank you Body Shop store at MT!

Updated: Dec 22, 2022

IAFAF received a generous donation of products for our Kenya Period Pouches Project

Our aim is to get to add Body Shop products to around 400 - 500 period pouches with femenine pads, along with a supply of femenine pads for a school year, to deliver to girls in remote rural areas in Kenya.

The problem

The main issue is that these girls live in remote villages with not access to stores or money, so when they get their period, they are send to a shack or area to bleed freely until it ends.

Therefore, they have a very negative image of their own periods and they end up getting married at age 15 or 16, as they keep to miss their school during their periods.

So IAFAF together with the incredible support of the Body Shop in Metrotown and the Queensborough New West Sewing Club, we are trying to boost up their self-esteem and see menstruation as something natural, not something to be rejected and be ashamed of which makes you miss school over and over. We are doing this by getting some lovely hand made pouches with femenine pads and Body Shop products that smell well, which will be a reward for getting their period and continuing to go to school to have an education.

The solution

How you can help?

1) Go to the Body Shop store in Metrotown and buy small shower gels, shampoos, soaps, lip balms, hand creams, so on and donate them for the IAFAF Kenya Period Pouches Project.

2) Donate your Body Shop points to get some of the items mentioned above, and please donate them at the cashier for our project.

3) You can buy pouches at the Body Shop in Metrotown and donate them at the cashier for our IAFAF Kenya Period Pouches Project (or bring your own) pouches (new or slightly used).

4) You can join the Queensborough New Westminster Sewing Club, to sew and make pouches for this project. Contact us: to provide you more info about it.

5) Donate to buy femenine pads in Kenya here: Donate | IAFAF

6) Learn more about this project created by IAFAF in support of the Mara Loita Community Rangers, who are helping these girls whenever they can: KENYA: Mara Loita Community Rangers |IAFAF

Picture below:

Some of the wonderful handmade pouches made by the QNWSC and donated BS products

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