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Thank you QNWSC volunteers!

IAFAF is extremely grateful to the hard working volunteers of the Queensborough New Westminster Sewing Club, for all the amazing period pouches that they are making for our Kenya Project.

IAFAF will be providing these period pouches with donated Body Shop soaps, shower gels, shampoos, conditioners and creams by the kind Metrotown Body Shop.

With money donations we intend to provide a school year of femenine pads to around 400-500 school Kenyan girls, living in remote rural areas in Kenya, where they cannot afford to get femenine pads.

Their monthly periods causes young girls to miss months of school every school year, eventually making them quit school just to end up getting marrying at age 15-16 years old.


You all can help us to provide an education to these girls supported by the Mara Loita Community Rangers, by:

* Going to the Body Shop in Metrotown and donate or redeem your points, or buy small size shower gels, soaps and creams. You can donate these items at the cashier for IAFAF Kenyan School Girls Project.

* Donate just $5.00 or $10.00 CAD a month, to help us raise enough funds to buy a year supply of femenine pads for Kenyan girls in rural areas.


Thank you!

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