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Updated: Aug 10, 2020

August 10

For centuries, lions have been exploited by humans, from the Romans in their blood thirsty "sport fights" in their coliseums, to a couple of hundred years ago, when they started to be killed by hunters, for trophy hunting, caught for cruel circuses, zoos, private zoo collections, pet trade worldwide, so on. Since some few decades their species is victim of the barbaric canned hunt, where cubs are raised, tamed until totally trusting humans, just to be released in an small fenced area to be cruelly shot for trophy hunting parts by wealthy people.

This human exploitation of lions has to end once and for all. All the governments of the world have to protect them and stop allowing their exploitation, as well to ban their parts, products and derivatives, which include lion bones wine, which is widely used in Asian markets (instead of tiger bone wine as the tigers in the wild are almost extinct), as a supposedly "miraculous" cure for rheumatism and impotence.

Watch this educative and powerful video The Bitter Bond from our colleagues at Born Free: or here:

Watch "Blood Lions" from our colleagues at WildAid.

The film is available for purchase in South Africa on, in the USA on Amazon and through PBS, and in the UK on iTunes. It is now also available on VOD worldwide.

  • VOD Worldwide

  • South Africa:

  • United States:

  • Shop PBS:

  • Ecostreamz; USA:

  • Showmax; South Africa:

  • Netflix; Africa:

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