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Here are some pictures that show how animal welfare groups from Poland, are helping animals and their people as soon as the cross the border, with vaccines, food, water and shelter. It takes 24 to 13 hours to cross the border, but they are there waiting at the 9 border crossings.

1) DIOZ is one of the most active Polish groups helping bring animals from Ukraine. If you want to help them, you can support them by making a PayPal donation:

2) PEGASUS is another Polish NGO doing a lot to help these animals in need: Strona główna - Schronisko Pegasus Przekaż darowiznę (

3) Schronisko Friend, Ukraina - AdopcjeIn Ukraine there is a shelter with hundreds of dogs. You can support them here: PayPal:

These are just some of these amazing groups.

If we get more info we will post it ASAP!

Dzikuje bardzo, bardzo! Thank you for all that you are doing to help all these animals!

Photos sent by our kind Polish colleague Againess Joanna

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