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International Bat Night

August 27

Bats are amazing animals. Bats are mammals of the order Chiroptera. They have their forelimbs adapted as wings, which makes them the only mammals capable of true and sustained flight.

Bats are very beneficial to humans. Their dung commonly known as "guano", is mined as a fertilizer in many parts of the world. Bats consume insects, many which are a pest to humans, hence reducing the need to use pesticides. Bats are also pollinators and disperse seeds. Many plants and trees depend on the bats for pollination. They are as important as the bees.

International Bat Night is a date that takes place every year to celebrate these creatures, with a number of different bat events taking place around the world for the public to get involved with. These events give you the opportunity to help bat conservation and to learn more about these creatures. There are talks at dusk and fun bat walks; it is definitely the sort of activity you should experience at least once, as it will give you a unique opportunity to get up close and personal with these incredible animals and to learn more about them. (*)

History of International Bat Night

International Bat Night was established to help promote the good image of bats, and to help start creating some clarity on the facts about them above and beyond the rumors and Hollywood image. While we often think of bats as nocturnal predators feasting on the blood of the innocent and harboring rabies, the truth is quite different. Yes, there are bats that feed on blood, but they mostly feed on insects and believe us, you want bats to be out there patrolling the night and helping eliminate them. (*)

Source: Days of the Year (*)

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