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Support our colleagues of PTOP Salamandra! They have a home based bat hospital and need help!

Help us to help sick and injured bats! These animals especially need our care nowadays.

They work all night to reduce mosquitoes and maintain balance among night insects. Unfortunately, in the modern world, it's not easy for them. They fall into various traps accidentally made by man (e.g. gutters, comics), their shelters are destroyed during renovation or tree logging, they are caught by "outgoing" cats, sometimes they will accidentally enter someone's apartment causing panic. PTOP "Salamandra" has been helping both bats and people who have trouble with them for 27 years (e.g. alleviating the issues related to the presence of bat colony in residential buildings). We run a 24/7-hour bat emergency phone. Every year we save several hundred single bats and several to dozens of their colonies or shelters. These actions, despite the help of dedicated volunteers, generate costs - for example: transport people and equipment, get veterinary assistance for an injured or sick animal, feed him etc. Food for one bat in rehabilitation costs approx. 20 PLN / month, x-ray photo wings PLN 70-140, trocinoconcrete booth for replacement shelter ok. 80 zł and a refrigerator for medicines and temporary hibernation of bats - ok. 2000 zł. There are many types of expenditure and not all of them can be predicted.

Unfortunately, this year, we have not received support from the sources from which we have financed this activity so far. Two funds rejected our proposals and the third one postponed the processing of applications for an indefinite future. We cover the necessary expenses from the NIW rescue microgrant and last year's donations from 1 % of the tax, but these funds are running out. Meanwhile, due to the popular and completely wrong belief that bats can infect the COVID-19 virus, there are much more requests for help than usual. A lot of people would like to help, but they have no idea how. Bats are a very specific group of animals and you need to have the right knowledge, specialized equipment and experience to effectively save them.

Your support is urgent. Each donation help us a lot! Thank you! PLEASE, DONATE AT THIS LINK:

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