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World Cheetah Day Dec 4th

Cheetahs are known for being the fastest land animal on earth. They are cute and unique wild animals from Africa. But what people don't know is that in the last century 90% of their population has declined.

The main reasons are:

Stealing them from the wild to sell live

The mother is killed, and the cubs are snatched to keep in poor and horrible conditions to sell to rich people in the Middle East. Most of the cubs do not make it alive. Often the ones that are bought perish shortly.

Stealing them from the wild to sell on the illegal e-commerce of wildlife

Social media platforms and the ignorance of the people have fueled a frenzy for people around the world to illegally buy cheetah pups to keep as exotic pets. But cheetahs are not domestic animals or pets, and often end up mistreated, neglected, abandoned or killed.

The e-commerce of wildlife in social media platforms and the World Wide Web added to the lack of a proper enforcement by the CITES/wildlife countries management authority, has led to the decimation of this beautiful feline.

Killing them for their fur and parts

Unable to compete with hyenas and lions for food

Human-Wildlife conflict

Loss of Habitat

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